Mind Body Healing and Life Coaching

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This work is all about YOU and feeling better!

Are you yearning for change?

Do you feel something deeply inside of you that knows you need to transform your life?

Are you ready to live life joyously?

I can help you with these topics and much more!

With a Mind Body Healing Session You Will:

*Receive supportive structures to help you grow, evolve and succeed more easily

* Get to the root of your re-occurring issues and problems

*  Reach goals faster

*  Get tools to use for happier life

* Experience emotional ease and peace of mind

* Connect to your highest potential 

* Clear blocks and imbalances in the body

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Specializing in:

Reaching Goals

Clearing Old Patterns and Belief Systems


Somatic Therapy

Trauma Release

Touch Therapy


Office located in Venice Beach, CA