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The most important connection you will ever have is the connection to yourself. Without this you will be leading a ship with no sails. It is vasty important to anchor in to your inner most being. When we learn to incorporate this into our daily lives, shifts will occur. Dedication and persistence is key. You must commit to yourself and your life to incorporate daily practices that will keep you mindful and in alignment. This could involve meditation, yoga, tai chi, or other energy practices that help channel your energy and guide you into the present moment. Once this is established you will have a direct line to the Universe/Spirit/Divine/God (whatever word works for you). When you are tuned into this channel and frequency, magical manifestations will begin. Your life flows with ease and grace.

If we are full of resistances, blocks and mental conditioning that enable us to allow this flow to happen. That is why it is so important to create a DAILY practice of mindful living. Your soul knows the way.

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