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💫Happiness is an inside job.💫 The primary cause of unhappiness is never about the situation but your thoughts about it. True happiness comes from within. Nothing outside of you will ever be a replacement for authentic joy and happiness. If you choose to allow anything outside of yourself to depend on for your happiness you will be profoundly disappointed. You must learn to keep an attitude of positivity and gratitude and not rely on your circumstances to be OK. No matter what is happening. This is how you obtain a sustainable sense of joy and peace. With this point of view you will be in more control of how you feel. 
You are completely responsible for the way you feel. By taking full responsibility no matter what happens and focusing on being positive, you won’t be riding an emotional roller coaster of ups and downs depending upon what’s happening in your life. You can always change your perception and always find a way to make things work. Life is in your hands. You are the sculptor. You can create a masterpiece of your desires if you choose.

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