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I was feeling off for a few days. I wasn’t practicing what I preach and focusing on what I want. This progressively got worse to the point where I started to feel a light depression.
What I did to shift this:
1. I noticed/remembered I didn’t need to feel the way I was feeling. A lot of us tolerate yucky feelings. We tolerate them enough to allow them to linger and eventually grow. BIG NEWS ALERT: You DON’T have to feel bad, or yucky or negative! Remember this! And begin to shift your tolerance level for these feelings. Don’t let this be OK in your world. Decide you are going to feel better and then take the next steps to do so.
2. Next Steps: Re-focus your attention. What I did was remember to text a mindful and conscious friend who I knew would not support my “poor me” story and help me remember the truth. This really helped. You find something that helps you get a little momentum. It could be anything.
3. Take Action – Final Steps: After getting a little momentum from my friend, I kept it going. I started re-cofusing on what I wanted and took action steps to do so. I meditated, I wrote, I did some work that I was dreading (which made me feel better), I moved my body. These are all things that make me feel better. You choose what works for you. This immediately put me back on track and soon enough, I completely forgot about how shitty I was feeling.
Tip: One way to avoid this from happening is to constantly be focusing on what you want. This momentum will grow. Stay grateful. Be mindful and aware of what you have going on in your life that is working and appreciate those things. However, If that mood sneaks in it’s OK. Just remember it too will pass. Do these steps and keep going. Whenever we get something that we don’t want, it re-directs us to a stronger and more clear focus of what we do want. All obstacles are gifts. Remember this. What you focus on, you get! You are the creator of you reality. Now go create some magic.
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