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I am in the field of fitness and alternative therapy (energy healing). I coach people to achieve their fitness goals by training them. I also help people access limiting beliefs mentally and energetically to help them let go of what no longer serves them and live the life they truly want to live with the healing work.

Sometimes I hear or see judgments from people who are into these different wolds – That one is not spiritual/conscious enough. Or that one is too airy fairy and in the cosmos. You know what I mean? 
I have learned working in both worlds – physical and energetic that they are in fact closely related. Both require you to change your, thoughts, beliefs, habits and actions to experience growth. Both require a willingness to go within and dig deep to let go of things that don’t serve them. Both require us to move on and take action on things that will create lasting change. Both require a willingness to be uncomfortable to see results. That is true transformation. Interestingly enough, sometimes physical movement is what we need to heal something internally or energetically. Sometimes being extremely present and meditative is needed to go to the next level when you are doing fitness. 
We need both the body, mind and spirit to work harmoniously for us to work. We can’t just change our thoughts, go to yoga or meditate. We can’t just go workout or focus on the physical. We need both. We need time within and time without. So as you move through life, take a moment to see how you can feed all areas of your life. The mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. 
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