Mind Body Healing and Life Coaching Sessions


In each session we will navigate together to let go of what does’t serve your life and unlock what will help you move into the direction of achieving your goals.

My job is to assist you in reaching your full potential and find customized solutions for your problems and goals. I will provide you with supportive structures to help you grow, evolve and succeed more easily.

*Reach your full potential

*Receive supportive structures to help you grow, evolve and succeed more easily

*Get to the root of your re-occurring issues and problems

*Reach goals faster

*Get tools to use for happier life

*Experience emotional ease and peace of mind

*Connect to your highest potential


We all have an innate, intuitive knowing that there’s much more to life. Many of us believe that we have to suffer through. This is what my work is all about. Helping you discover, release, and heal the conscious and unconscious patterns and traumas that keep you from experiencing the true fullness of who you really are.

We tend to create blocks and imbalances when we don’t allow certain energy to flow through the body. Through deep listening, guided inquiry, and a subtle awareness of energy and hands on healing I help you maneuver through the illusions of the mind, ego, and shadow self to uncover what is real. Facilitating the flow of energy allows the body’s natural ability to heal itself. The result ends in processing and releasing old wounds, traumas, beliefs, patterns and anything that may be locked in the subconscious mind and energy body.

This is not fluffy woo-woo healing. This works involves deep, integrative mind/body therapy.


Energy Healing Sessions include:

Trauma Release

Clearing Old Patterns and Belief Systems

Somatic Therapy

Energy Clearing

Mind Body Counseling

Hands on Healing Touch Therapy



Guided Meditation

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)





Private In home session (home/office/hospital/hospice) – $200 per hour

Sessions at Venice Beach Offices –

$200 – 1.5 hour session

$150 – 1 hour session

Discounted Package Rates:

4 (1 hour) Sessions – $540 ($135 each – reg. price $600)

4 (1.5 hours) Sessions – $740 ($185 each – reg. price $800)

3 Month Intensive – weekly sessions designed to transform your life and begin living the life you want to live NOW.

12 (1.5 hour) Sessions – $145 each

12 (1 hour) Sessions – $115 each

Phone or Skype Sessions – $100 per hour

De-stress yourself or your office workers with in office mind body healing sessions. In-office treatment – $200 per hour

Event/Party Mind Body Healings. Create a special atmosphere by adding mini-healing sessions to your party or event.

Event/Party Demonstrations – $150/hr (3 hr min)

Kundalini Yoga with Mind Body Healing $175 each
(View YOGA page for more info)
Gift Certificates available.

DISCLAIMER: Monica Corbett is a holistic mind body healer having received training from the Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing. She is not a physician, psychologist or licensed as a psychotherapist. She cannot diagnose you for any mental or emotional disorder. I am voluntarily requesting energy healing, spiritual understanding, behavioral improvement and/or self-development. This may include fully clothed breath work, guided imagery, movement, energy healing with some massage.

The treatment is alternative or complementary to healing arts services licensed by the state, and none of the modalities mentioned are licensed by the state. Such practice is fully permissible under the California State Senate Bill SB577 in effect as of January, 2003.

Office located in Venice Beach, CA

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